Rules for Check-In & Costume Contest!


This will take place on the night of the party. MoPOP security will manage the check-in process. Here are things to be aware of:

  • Please bring cash! The bars will be cash only
  • There is no re-entry into the party
  • There will be searches with hand-held metal detectors
  • There will be searches with hand-held metal detectors

  • All bags will be subject to search
  • In order to bring a bag into the venue, the bag must be smaller than 14” by 14” by 6”, and must fit into the sizing boxes displayed at entry.

Tips for Guests:

  • We encourage guests to arrive early to minimize wait times
  • To expedite the screening process, guests should remove all metal objects from their pockets prior to being screened. Guests may hold these objects in their hands
  • All bags will continue to be checked upon entry into the venue. Bags that do not fit completely into the sizing box will not be allowed into the venue.
  • If possible, we strongly encourage guests not to bring bags, in order to expedite the entry process. Designated lines will be set up for those without bags, to expedite the entry process
  • Guests with medical conditions, who cannot be screened with metal detectors, will be required to consent to a pat down for entry into the venue. Guests who do not wish to be screened in any fashion will not be allowed entry into the venue.

We encourage all guests to read the Costume Rules: click here
Any costume that does not follow these rules, will not be allowed into the party.
And, if you have questions about accepted ID requirements, click here to learn more.

We apologize for any inconvenience, it's for security and safety of all guests at the event :)